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  • What is dental anesthesia?
    Dental anesthesia is the administration of sedative agents by a qualified provider in a dental environment with the purpose of enhancing patient comfort and facilitating dentist ease. Sedation or anesthesia is usually accomplished by intravenous (IV) medications. However, inhaled, intramuscular, and oral agents may also be utilized. In an office setting, a range of anesthesia levels can be administered, including mild sedation, moderate sedation, deep sedation and general anesthesia.
  • What kind of patients typically get sedation for dentistry?
    Many different patients can benefit from anesthesia for dental procedures. Listed below are some of the most common groups of patients who use anesthesia services today: - Pediatric patients - Patients with mental or physical disabilities - Patients with anxiety or PTSD - Patients undergoing extensive, painful or invasive dental treatment - Patients with a significant gag reflex
  • What kind of training does Dr. Mukkamala have?
    Dr. Mukkamala has completed a 3-year residency dedicated to the administration of anesthesia, after finishing dental school. Her training has spanned hospitals, dental offices and surgery centers, where she has provided anesthesia for both dental procedures and non-dental surgeries such as orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery and more. Dr. Mukkamala had additional education in cardiology, internal medicine and critical care and has trained in an ICU and emergency room. Dr. Mukkamala's background in dentistry allows her to seamlessly integrate her diverse medical training into a dental office to provide a comfortable, pleasant sedation experience for your dental appointment.
  • Is anesthesia safe in a dental office?
    Yes! Anesthesia is safe in a dental office. Dr. Mukkamala performs an in-depth medical evaluation of all patients in advance of the procedure. She then creates a custom anesthesia plan keeping in mind the patient's individual needs along with their medical history to provide a safe and pleasant experience.
  • What do I need to do before my sedation appointment?
    Provide DOSE with the completed History and Physical Form Sign and return the Financial Agreement and pay the deposit
  • When can I expect to be contacted by DOSE?
    Shortly after your dentist has scheduled you for sedation services, DOSE will contact you to review pre-anesthesia instructions and to follow up on the required medical and financial documents. Dr. Mukkamala will personally call you the night before your appointment to review the pre-anesthesia instructions and answer any questions you may have.
  • What can I expect the day of my sedation appointment?
    You will arrive at the scheduled time to your dentist's office. You must bring an escort or guardian to provide you transportation after the appointment. Dr. Mukkamala will greet you and obtain informed consent after answering any questions you may have. Then anesthesia will be initiated and your dental procedure will be completed. After your dentist finishes up, anesthesia services will conclude and you will be taken to a recovery area to wake up in a comfortable setting. Once it is safe, you will be allowed to leave with your escort or guardian. Dr. Mukkamala will follow up with you in the evening or the next day to check in and confirm you had a pleasant experience.
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